Friday, December 16, 2016

My 2nd Gift to Thee

  Sticking with the spirit of the giving season I give you a more special gift. This is the gift of humility. (see also: weak, unassertive, submissive, beta, cuckold, bitch boy, sissy)

   This photo is of my favorite cum guzzling gutter slut. I call [it] the acrobat and this particular slut has gained my favoritism because of the lengths [it] has gone to impress me. The pose you see here has taken many years of training and practice to achieve.

Warning! Beginners do not try this without proper permission, guidance and supervision!

   I cherish a good sub that is eager and willing to experiment and practice away from his Mistress when given the privilege to do so.

   The purpose of this posture is to allow this cum slut to give itself a shot right in the mouth. It keeps the cleanup to a minimum and fulfills the wanton for a belly full of cum until sufficient cum can be provided.

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